Wednesday, 5 October 2011

I'm going to the chapel and I'm gonna get...

Spent the weekend putting together the new Warhammer Chapel I got last week.  Have to say the kit is a joy - one of the ones Games Workshop have got right!

To begin with, this thing is dirt cheap.  The official price is £15.50, which is what I paid, but look around and you can pick them up from independent stockist much cheaper. You get a lot of plastic for that money - and all of it beautifully detailed.  The amount of sprue fluff is awesome - allowing a myriad version of chapels to be built.  Personally I wasn't aiming for the chapel look - more a random warhammery house so much of the fluff is still on the sprue, but will come in useful for scratch builds or conversions.

Assembly was trivial but I wasn't really looking forward to painting such a large model, however, I fell across the painting guide on the Games Workshop website and once I got underway it turned out to be a complete joy to paint.  The initial stages are a bit frightening as the paint scheme starts out bright yellow (Iyanden Darksun to be precise) but the later process soon tones this down and the final scheme looks great.  It's also dead easy for a melon fisted dauber like myself.

My new abode.

As you will know if you read my last post, I actually wanted the fortified manor set but that wasn't available at the store.  I've now ordered one online which should be winging its way to me right now.  Can't wait for it to turn up so that I can have a go at another chapel and the watchtower.

Also managed to build a few other pieces of scratch built scenery over the weeked - but I'll probably cover them in another post.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

News flash: GW Profits soar!

Had a bit of a splurge and got a whole bunch of models.

I guess this weekend is going to be spent assembling, gluing and painting!

You'll notice a chapel in the above pic - I had wanted the Fortified Manor set but they didn't have it in at that store (seems the shelves were full of Dreadfleet - but that's only to be expected).  The Chapel won't got to waste though - you can never have enough scenery.

Just need to find a good guide to painting it now.

Points if you can identify all the kits in the above picture!