Monday, 28 November 2011

Sorry about the absence

Things on the blog front have been very quiet lately and I want to apologise.  I know I made a promise that I would not let this blog descend into the swirly pits of the internet abyss and I stand by that promise.  Unfortunately work has been very hectic at the moment and most of my waking moments are spent sorting problems – resulting in long days and very little weekend time.  What little time I have had free I have been busy painting and modelling – and as such the blog has suffered.

Things are easing though so I’m going to try and update the blog a bit more regularly.  I do plan to cheat a little though – I’m about to write up a number of posts about the projects I’ve been working on and schedule them to appear.  They will therefore look as though I am adding new content over the course of the next week or so when in fact I’m probably off on another painting spree (or work spree if I’m unlucky!)

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