Sunday, 7 September 2014

Long Overdue Update - Revived Interest

I kind of fell out of love with the hobby a while back after buying a load of the new Warriors of Chaos kits when the new version of the book came out.  Not through any dislike of the new rules or models - for the record I think the new models were superb - mainly because I got a bit overwhelmed by the pile of stuff I had to paint (it's a lot!).

However the recent Nagash release got me a bit interested again and while looking at a video of the new model on YouTube I happened across a most excellent channel by a couple of guys who seemed to be having a blast with Warhammer.

Reef and his mate Martyn produce long format videos that are a hoot to watch.  They cover an eclectic mix of war gaming related topics - mostly Warhammer Fantasy but not entirely.  Even though some of the videos are around the 4 hour mark I really suggest you check them out.  They are irreverent, down to earth and at points hilarious.  It's refreshing to hear from people who don't take the hobby as seriously as some - after all "it's just toy soldiers".

So what has this got to do with anything? Well listening to their rants and passion has really re-sparked my interest in the hobby again.  I've started painting my models and could even see me having a few games with  the Gobbos.

My last post - way back - was a list of things I was working on at the time.  Some of it did get finished and I'll probably start the blog with an update on where my current army stands and some of the things on the list that I did complete before I fell out with the plastic crack.

And finally a look at a model I mentioned I'd started on way back here

I'm well chuffed with this as I tried really hard to be patient and take my time painting it to a high standard - really pushing myself with some new techniques.  It's no 'eavy metal but certainly one of my best and makes a fitting general for my army.

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