Sunday, 25 September 2011

A moan about Blogger

© Games Workshop - used without permission
The above is an extract from the latest Ors & Goblins rulebook - but I could have taken a sample from any of the official Warhammer publications.  One thing I love about Games Workshop is that the published material is gorgeous - and generally consistent.  A few days before I started this blog I was admiring the fonts that they use.  Consequently, when I was setting up 'The Hammer and I' it was my intention to use some similar styling.

The observant readers will probably have picked up on this already - but the titles of this blog are in a font very similar to that used in the snippet above.  I won't pretend to know what font Games Workshop use - that way lies lawyers - but I did find a very similar freely available alternative on Google's excellent webfonts site - IM Fell English. Handily enough the Bloggers tools allowed me to select this font when styling my blog - but that's where my complain lies.  They offer a number of fonts from the Google webfonts list, but it is a restricted list.  I also found on the Google website a font that matched the body text used above - Gentium Basic - I would have loved to use it for the body text in this blog but for some reason Blogger don't include it.

So come on Blogger, add the complete webfonts list to the customise options, before I send in the Gobbos!

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