Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The New Warhammer room

Up until now our warhammer games have been played in the dining room, but for a number of reasons this has been far from ideal.  The main problem, as I see it, is that there just isn't enough room around the table.  The main problem as my wife sees it is that it means we can't eat in there.

Even after explaining that eating was secondary to playing my wife didn't agree.

The dining room taken over
The plan therefore is to have a dedicated gaming room.  When we bought the house last year we did so based on the fact that one of the spare bedrooms would be a 'Warhammer room' but things didn't go as planned, mainly due to lack of time, and it ended up just being a general TV watching room for the kids.

Time for all that to change.  Last weekend was spent clearing out the rubbish and re-arranging the furniture ready to begin the big conversion.  When the room was emptied it became obvious that it needed a lick of paint to freshen it up - which I'm planning to do next weekend.  Until then we've moved back in the TV and the old bookcases.

TV is going to be wall mounted.
The Gobbos in the new Warhammer room

So the ultimate plan is to paint the room - we've agreed on a light green - replace the old bookcases with some newer ones, possibly even wall mounted ones and to mount the TV on the wall.  That should give me enough space to build my custom, permanent games table - more on that in the future.

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